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Shlomo is a creative legal practitioner with fire in his eyes. He headed some of the most challenging statutory negotiations in Israel as the negotiation team leader, and managed complex billion-shekel land and real-estate negotiations.

Shlomo brings unique value through his ambition, perseverance, creativity, and statutory-business-interface savvy.

He is an expert in exploring, procuring, and managing land and real estate with complete statutory and regulatory services, and negotiating with government and commercial entities.

Shlomo Broaris שלמה ברואריס

Shlomo Broaris


  • Statutory and Regulatory

  • Government Relations

  • Land Use

  • Real Estate


  • Israel Institute of Technology, MRE

  • Colman, LLB


  • Strategic planning and statutory executive, Azrieli Group

  • Land & real estate executive, Yakhin Group

  • Expropriation manager, light rail west, Dana Engineering

  • Land & real estate executive, Hanson Israel

  • Goldfarb Seligman 

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