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Azrieli Towers
Shlomo Broaris

Statutory services

Shlomo has valuable experience in developing, negotiating, and managing statutory and regulatory processes for land use and real estate including city planning and building permits in Israel.


  • Azrieli Group

    • Spiral Tower, Tel Aviv

    • Azrieli Town, Tel Aviv

    • Malha Mall, offices and assisted living, Jerusalem

    • Har Zion Hotel, Jerusalem

    • Rishonim Mall, Rishon LeTsiyon

    • Rakafot assisted living, Rishon LeTsiyon

    • Azrieli Mall and mixed-use real estate, Modi'in

  • Yakhin Y Center, Netanya

  • SolarEdge data centers

  • Compass data centers

  • Hanaton quarry

  • Migdal Tsedek quarry

  • NTA light rail west, Tel Aviv

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